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Trinity Biotech Unigold

The Uni-Gold™ range of rapid point-of-care test devices consists of high-quality, single use immunoassays to aid in the diagnosis of HIV, STDs, respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases. The ease of use and robustness of the products ensures they can be reliably used in diverse settings including clinical laboratories, STD clinics and VCT centres.   All products in the range offer:

  • Short time to result
  • Excellent sensitivity and specificity
  • Easy-to-use formats
  • Easy interpretation; built-in control on each test
  • Instrument free operation

Procedure: 3 Simple steps

  1. Prepare sample
  2. Add sample/buffer to the test
  3. Read result after 10-15 minutes
Product Code Test Description
1206711 Uni-Gold™ Syphilis Treponemal Control
1206710 Uni-Gold™ Syphilis Treponemal
1206641 Uni-Gold™ C. difficile GDH Control Kit
1206640 Uni-Gold™ C. difficile GDH
1206631 Uni-Gold™ C. difficile Toxin A/B Control Kit
1206630 Uni-Gold™ C. difficile Toxin A/B
1206621 Uni-Gold™ Cryptosporidium Control Kit
1206620 Uni-Gold™ Cryptosporidium
1206611 Uni-Gold™ Giardia Control Kit
1206610 Uni-Gold™ Giardia
1206502 Uni-Gold™ HIV
1204420 Uni-Gold™ S. pneumoniae
1204401 Uni-Gold™ Legionella Urinary Antigen PLUS